What ITaaS Means For Your Business?

There was a day when technology wasn’t an essential component of business life. You could get by with the basics, or with nothing at all if you were really resourceful.

But now that technology has evolved, it’s increasingly become a vital part of running a successful business. From a startup, to larger SME, to global conglomerate, businesses of any size require a whole host of technology solutions. They’re vital to communicate with clients, fulfil work orders and even submit VAT returns.

The increase in demand has caused problem for some businesses, who would prefer to rent their expensive equipment and solutions instead of spending a fortune to buy them.

Luckily for them, ITaaS has now become a reality. But what is it, and how can it help businesses achieve their goals?

What Is ITaaS?

We know there are a lot of acronyms in the IT world, and a fair amount of them end in ‘aaS’. This ‘aaS’ actually stands for ‘as a service’.

So SaaS is ‘software as a service’, IaaS is ‘infrastructure as a service’ and so, in this case, ITaaS means ‘IT as a Service.’

ITaaS is a relatively new concept, but takes the same premise of other service models – it takes your business IT needs and supplies them within a subscription model. That’s hardware, software and support, all rolled into one monthly payment.

This subscription model allows businesses to stay up to date, upgrading and upscaling their IT capabilities to maintain the most advanced, comprehensive and secure networks delivered at a predictable cost.

Essentially, it works just like paying for your phone on a contract – you don’t own the hardware or the software, but you pay for it on a monthly basis and you can upgrade, switch plans or change your requirements at any time.

ITaaS gives you all the technology you need to stay effective and productive, at a fraction of the price. And it doesn’t just cover your software, like a comprehensive cloud solution – it covers everything.

What Are the Benefits Of ITaaS?

If you’ve never really done the whole subscription thing before, then you could easily be asking yourself what the benefits of having all of your major IT requirements on subscription are. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there and there are some fantastic reasons to take the plunge.

1. Around The Clock Coverage

Using an MSP for ITaaS gives your business round-the-clock coverage. Since customers could visit your website and generate an enquiry at any time of the day, your business needs to be able to function and meet those needs at all times.

But most businesses operate on core hours, so creating an infrastructure that could maintain that would mean employing more staff and spending even more money, or risking poorer service for out-of-hours customers. With ITaaS, you can outsource any support or maintenance functions, whatever time of day.

2. Increased Security

When it comes to IT security, there are some basic things you need to do that can take up a lot of time. Things like applying security patches, software updates and firewall checks are all vital to the protection of your IT infrastructure and your data. But more often than not, your IT team is preoccupied with keeping everything running and fighting fires.

With ITaaS, your business can call upon additional resourced to do these things without over-burdening your own team. Not only that, but your provider can take steps to build a more efficient, secure IT system.

3. Scale Up And Down Quickly

One of the beauties of ITaaS is that you aren’t limited by your current infrastructure or systems. Upscaling your operations in a standard business would mean purchasing more equipment, software and potentially more people. But with ITaaS, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease what you’re buying at any time.

So if you need more support over the busy Christmas period, but don’t need it for the rest of the year, you can simply request more in November, and then scale it back in January. It’s a simple way to make sure you have the resources you need, when you need them, without paying overheads when you don’t. We’ve talked in detail about this benefit before, which you can read here.

Efficient Use Of Time And Resource

Subscription Based Costing: Of course, cost is a big factor when it comes to IT. A lot of resources are quite expensive and buying things outright can end up costing a small fortune. For smaller businesses, this often means they end up going without the tools they need to effectively run and grow their business or settling for an inferior solution.

But ITaaS works on a subscription-based model, which is far more cost-effective. Generally, you will find ITaaS on a managed care model, with a monthly subscription price attached. You pay a monthly rate, and you get as much service and support as you need.

At Indigo IT, we specialise in providing It support to businesses across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Our services range from SaaS solutions (like Microsoft Office and CRM systems), through to comprehensive ITaaS plans, all tailored to give your business exactly what it needs from its IT systems.

We can work within legacy systems, start from scratch, or completely redesign your existing solutions to better suit your needs. If you would like to know more about our IT and telecoms solutions, please get in touch with the team today.