How Connected Cloud Connects Your Business

Cloud computing is a concept that’s been around in business for some time now, and it’s slowly but surely being embraced by organisations across the UK.

For a while, many people assumed cloud computing was only interesting to IT professionals or tech geeks who love computers.

But now, cloud computing is something everyone is talking about, from your large-scale corporates to individual business owners running their business from a back bedroom. But why is that?

What can cloud computing do to connect your business and make your life easier?

Why Is Cloud Computing Important For Small Businesses?

Cloud computing is particularly important for small businesses, because it allows them to level the playing field with the big boys.

Connected cloud services give small businesses access to resources and technology they need to compete. Previously, many IT infrastructure options were only available to bigger businesses with large-scale needs – but not anymore.

Not only that, but there are a few other advantages to cloud computing that you might not have thought of:

Lower Costs

Now, small businesses don’t have to bear the cost of purchasing and building a large infrastructure to house their IT equipment, or a software infrastructure to support their systems.

Instead, businesses can rent it. They don’t even have to buy their own servers, instead of using them on a more affordable ‘rental’ basis. Ultimately, this saves the business money, while giving it the tools needed to grow.

More Reliable Systems

Cloud computing is also a much more efficient method of managing business IT systems. As you are paying for the service, your systems will have fewer operational issues than systems you own yourself.

Since the cloud runs on its own servers through a company whose job it is to make the cloud reliable and bug-free, it’s usually a lot more reliable than your own, on-location server.

Utilising connected cloud systems also means you have a helpline when something does go wrong, without having to hire internal IT staff.

Everything Just Works

Apple may have come up with the tagline, but the idea that ‘it just works’ quickly spread through the IT industry, becoming the standard to meet.

Cloud computing solutions are intelligently designed to make your life easier at every stage.

With a connected, integrated cloud computing solution, you can almost forget about your IT infrastructure completely and just focus on doing what you love most. And really, that’s when IT is at its best – when you don’t notice it’s there.

What Is Connected Cloud Computing?

At the moment, the cloud space can be divided into a few broad areas, including:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

And there’s a lot of activity in those spaces. But right now, businesses are opting for one of two solutions in this space. Often, they’re choosing put bits and pieces of their business into the cloud. This is good in theory but leaves us with a bit of an integration problem.

Connected cloud computing is the art of getting all of these cloud systems to integrate and talk to each other. Ensuring these systems work effectively together requires a bit of technical knowledge, some coding experience and some time to implement, but the benefits to businesses are huge.

Businesses who not only utilise cloud computing technologies, but actively integrate them into a single strategy will see more results quicker than other companies.

At Indigo IT, we believe in effective computing that works for you, not the other way around. We create comprehensive IT strategies for your business, including connected cloud solutions. Our aim is to help make your life easier every day, week, month and year.

Even better, we don’t tie you into long contracts with complicated small print. Instead, we offer our simple 30-day contracts. These allow you to change or even leave your plan altogether if you wish, though we’re confident that you won’t.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help build a cloud IT solution for your business, get in touch with us for your free, no obligation consultation.